Urban Brides - Dee Jay Photography


There's something magical about photographing brides as they are always cheerful and enthusiastic even if nerves sometimes make getting the best poses a challenge. Once relaxed, however, I find we establish a good rapport. 'Glamorous' settings such as huge mansion houses and hotels sometimes result in stereotypical images whereas urban weddings can be very different. The juxtaposition of beautiful brides and relatively mundane surroundings provide an opportunity for sharp contrast and fascinating photos. There are always places in the city that provide interesting backdrops if you are prepared to look; often, doing a pre-shoot scout can reap dividends. The bride, of course, is likely to have favourite places especially if she is familiar with the area - this might be close to where she lives or works or somewhere she  might be particularly fond of. Its best to make sure you discuss what her expectations are in planning the shoot and be prepared to offer guidance to achieve best results. For instance, bright colours contrast nicely with wedding dresses and brickwork can provide an interesting background. These photos were shot in central London where, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to find both quiet and interesting locations!

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